Take Control of your Cashflow and MASSIVELY


Create Sustainable Business Growth And get your Time back 

Struggle with Business?       


  • Slaving 9-5 and beyond in your business, feeling breathless

  • Struggling with cash flow and consistently failing financial performance

  • Pumping in too much time to find it does not fix your business challenges

  • Spending So much money to get help but not getting the desired results

  • Missing business opportunities lost to competitors


  • Tap into Optimal change transformation for the Fullest potential you know exists

  • STOP sitting on the side-lines of your business and being mediocre

  • Build agility for effective decision making to external changes

  • Accelerate profit, shareholder returns, growth, cash flow liquidity, workflow process and cost recovery


  • Skeptical about stepping into the unknown and want to know exactly what is the next step before you take the leap

  • Unsure if the vision actually makes business sense

  • Worried how long it takes to see profit

Grow your business by 35% -117%

We provide you with real business results: Customers, Optimal Profit and Success.










5 Stars from customer reviews 22% of reviews include the word "love"

SALLY, CEO of Health and Wellness industry

"Crestpoint Consulting has successfully turned our ideas around with proven methodologies on our business. $200,000 of cost savings and cashflow improvement within a month! We are grateful for the immense support and the tremendous results."

PATRICK, CEO of Service industry

“Crestpoint Consulting eliminated guesswork and created tailor-made solutions to help scale up our business. Business Makeover is all it takes and I have all the controls in the company, earning more than 50% Net Profit Margin. This is unbelieveable!”

JAMES, Managing Director of Media industry

“Crestpoint Consulting made bare the root of my company’s problem and gave detailed strategic planning models that brought business back up and running in no time and in just a year, return on investment and profits had tripled.

Download my FREE Profit Accelerator Roadmap designed to help you get MORE PROFIT with MINIMAL RESOURCES FAST.  This guide will help you increase your profit and cash flow so that you can have more time for new business opportunities.


That is why we are here to help

We are here to not only help to realign your company vision and bust your underlying fears but also help you convert your strengths and expertise into bullet-proof businesses. Together we’ll create a breakthrough business strategy that your business can produce the financial results you are proud of.

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Rework Core Competencies

Re-evaluate the true purpose of company existence and driving forces. Review new opportunities with financial management.

Clear Problem Resolution

Identify the real root cause. Solve problems quickly and see ten moves ahead with precision.

Tap on Execution Capabilities

Align plans with stakeholders. Manage a few critical performance tracking metrics.  Bring true value for customers

Design Structure Process

Systemize your entire organization. Optimize for efficiency to accelerate profits and cash flow. 

This is for : 

  • CEOs/Founders who have proved their business and niche works

  • CEOs/Founders who are results-oriented and want to attain profit in their financials every month consistently

  • CEOs/Founders are tired of piecing together a strategy and just want someone to give them a plan to make it happen

  • CEOs/Founders are business-driven and decisive, ready to take massive action right now

This is NOT for: 

  • People who are still setting up their business and never made a single transaction

  • People who want to see success but not interest in taking action

What to expect when you are ready to take the Leap

Step 1- Audit Company’s Health

Turn the guesswork of growing businesses into a science. Follow practical step-by-step instructions that are proven to work and track your progress using reliable metrics

Step 3- Optimize Model 

Gain Proactive Innovation on your New Opportunities at Scale! Speed up financial performance and operations for life-changing results. 

Step 2- Unlock Sustainable Growth 

Discover missing puzzles that prohibit your business' success. Boosts Revenue and Reduces costs. Be the first to optimize cash flow, margins and working capital. 

Step 4 - Get Massive Profit 

You can focus on your core duties while our strategy consulting experts transform your business from losses or low profits into profit-making positions for your stakeholders.