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Assessing Your Company’s Health

Has your organization grown beyond your control and declining performance? Discover your company’s full potential with our management strategy expertise. Tackle blockers that inhibit companies' to make progress.

Setting Growth Strategy

Complexity kills Growth. Fight back with Complexity Management. Simplify and Refocus - Boosts revenue 5%-40% and Reduces

costs 10%-35%. Even better, it improves customer satisfaction, inventory turns and margins. Be the first to optimize cash and capital on hand.

Scaling your Workflow Model

Gain Proactive Innovation on your New Windows of Opportunities to Scale! Speed up your financial performance and operations for Life-Changing results.

Getting Optimized Profit Acceleration in Action

Sit back and relax while our strategy consulting experts create your desired success. We guide CEOs to approach the present crisis by making the best strategic moves.

How should CEOs operate in crisis conditions to help their organizations Transform and Thrive?

Globalization and growing economic interconnections are challenging concerns to strategic approaches.  At the same time, performance gap between winners and losers is widening. 

Also, firms must thus compete across and adapt to a much broader range of environments. All in all, you can avoid making wrong leadership decisions under pressure. With the right strategy, executives can easily walk away the inevitable challenges of tomorrow.


CEOs are under immense pressure to reinvent their businesses. It drives fewer than half the companies that go for growth create value in the process. Indeed, strategy consulting is vital as it means putting the exact amount of thrust behind it in the right direction. Bad decision making is also one of the key challenges achieving business targets. Thus, Only CEO with effective strategic plans is more productive.

With the best ideas, then you see the most powerful growth performance. Optimizing compounding dynamics is the way to make a proper moon shot with your business.  As the old saying goes: “Look after the pennies and the dollars will look after themselves.”


Corporate Strategy Assessment


Workflow & System Modeling


Setting Profit Growth Strategy


Putting Strategies to Action

“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight” - Jim Rohn

‘Walking with the CEO’ podcast by Crestpoint Consulting. This is an inspirational podcast for leaders wanting to achieve massive business results. Jennifer, Founder of Crestpoint Consulting shares strategy tactics applied to successful clients. Aslo, she provides enriching insights and secrets behind big organizations’ success. 

Crestpoint Consulting presents Walking with the CEO – a podcast designed to inspire leaders and entrepreneurs. Jennifer Mea C, Business Strategist analyses and shares insights on proven strategies and tactics from successful companies and clients, so you, too, can achieve massive results in your business. Jennifer conducts deeply insightful interviews with the masterminds whom companies can benefit greatly.


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Forbes dated 2019 has reported signs of countries falling into recession. Are you getting the RIGHT Strategy consultant for your company issues and you can be PROUD of? You don’t have the time to drill into the frightening loads of financial information. Specifically, how can you make the world believe your company WORKS and WORTH MILLIONS? Questions from staff and customers on the issues are consistently directed to you? There may be ways to earn your well deserved profits. But, we are facing CONSTANT CHANGE in internal and external environment. Getting to the Destination may be tricky. Furthermore, fear of unknown problems can be paralyzing. Thus it’s easier to keep treading on than take a leap in the dark. 


Having a sound business strategy to guide your decisions is critical for your long term growth. Our strategy consultants can execute change plans to execute with precision. We help you define the right goals and strategies for your company so that you have the right capabilities and resources for success.


Feedback on our services

“Crestpoint Consulting displayed aptitude and  innovation and high proactiveness in formulating solutions with a high degree of professionalism and integrity”

Leon, CEO of Research Industry


“Crestpoint Consulting shares strong directions on how my firm should be heading and now expanding with more resources serving more customers than before.”

Patrick, CEO of Telecommunication Sector 

Crestpoint Consulting offers the best Strategy Consulting services across all industries. We advise leaders on strategy, marketing, organization and operations across all industries. Learn how we reinvent and transform businesses.

We Champion the Bold to Achieve Strategic Vision

“Business profit strategies should be the core, equipping organizations’ to realize limitless potential. We offer tailored strategy consulting to reinvent Turnaround, Finance, and Operations in organizations. ”


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Change the Way You Win Profit

Crestpoint Consulting provides customized strategies that perform over two decades. Our strategy consulting firm delivers powerful impact with diverse organizational skills.

As opposed to most strategic consulting firms,  we promise to provide deep-focused, lean value approach. This cuts straight to the heart of net-negative issues and identifies positive Opportunities in the future.

You have important questions today. Allow our strategy consultants give you the answers:

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