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Business Strategy Consulting Firm

It's not just about the Numbers, we Fix Bottlenecks & Establish Your Financial Success. 

Create Customized Business Strategies for 360-Degree Revenue,

5-9 figures Profit & Cash flow Growth with 20% of your time

for Your Business using Financial and Operational Management,

Making EASIER for customers to pay you.

Results Guaranteed and Faster than what you're currently trying.

Join 5,000+ subscribers to Saturday Business Mastery. 

Every Saturday morning, you'll get an actionable business template to help fix, systematize and monetize your business for optimal results, No matter how busy your schedule.

Monetize Profitable Business

Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

Drive Sales, Profit & Cash

Less Effort Optimal Results

About Crestpoint Strategy Consulting Company

It’s not just about graphs and big numbers.

It’s about knowing what to do with them  through Easy and Actionable steps. 

Elevate Your Business Strategy with Crestpoint Consulting

At Crestpoint Consulting, we redefine the essence of business strategy. Beyond mere numbers, we delve deep into your operations to unearth and resolve bottlenecks, paving the path for your financial triumph. Our mission is clear: to sculpt customized strategies that encompass a 360-degree approach to revenue generation, ensuring your business flourishes with ease.

Unlock Financial & Operating System

-Work Less without you running, while still in control of business quality
- Monetize your business through streamlined process/cycle time 
-Increase more work done in lesser time, passing cost savings to your customers   
-Efficiently use the necessary resources that is related to your sales and profit growth

Shannon Gray's testimonial- Crestpoint Consulting
Cynthia Fuller's testimonial to Crestpoint Consulting

Grow The Wheel of Profit & Cash 

-Reinvent Products & Services What Your Most Profitable Customers Want and Need Seamlessly

-Identify the high value customer segment 

-Bridge the gap between you and your current customers as well as new or potential prospects

-Lock in optimal cash for the next available right opportunities while generating profit for your business

Stop Guesswork: Make Only Profitable Decision 

-More revenue does not mean More Cash

-Determine and make the right decision on acquiring new ventures, customers 

-Make Profit and Reduce Time spent with the Right Business Decision using our data driven insights every time

-Identify the most effective strategy that will guarantee the best business growth with the minimal resources

Profit results from Crestpoint Consulting's Client from Government Hospital

Meet Some of 2,586 CEOs Who Move Business Forward With Crestpoint Consulting

David White- Review of Crestpoint Consulting
Patrick McGrath - Review of Crestpoint Consulting
Leon Vincent- Review of Crestpoint Consulting
  • How long will it take to see results?
    Within 90 days provided you have complied to the requirements to get the service started. Information not correctly given to Crestpoint Consulting will not come under the service guarantee. The result depends on how active you are involved throughout this service. If you follow through the tailored made plan and implementation, you expect to see the promised traction in 60-90 days, and you can change your business from 6 months onward permanently.. If you do absolutely nothing, you won't see any results.
  • How much does it cost?
    We integrate as “partners” taking responsibility for results, Therefore, ALL of our engagements are tailored made on a per-client basis. If you are still seeking for more clarity, you can go for single session. We'll spend the time talking about your top 2-3 goals, outlining a strategy to grow your business. Rates are as follows: 30 minutes $1000 60 minutes $2000
  • Why is building Profit and Cash flow important in business?
    This is not for Non-Profit and Government Agencies. Profit is the real essence behind the existence of every business and Cash is the real tangible in every daily transactions. In today's ever changing economy, you're seriously left behind if you don't have a rock-solid business that generates profits and cash flow in the future. ·Ignoring these WILL lead to business overwhelm and failure!
  • We are concerned about the cost of consulting services.
    We offer flexible engagement models that align with your budget and needs. Our focus is on delivering tangible value and a substantial return on investment. We can discuss your specific requirements and develop a tailored proposal that maximizes your cost-effectiveness.
  • How big is the Crestpoint Team? How do I know my company is handled with exclusivity?
    Our core team comprises 15 of most talented and well-connected individuals in the space. Cumulatively responsible for hundreds of millions generated for clients. Our network reigns vast hundreds of projects and industries. We limit our client portfolio to 3 projects at once. Availability is coordinated with our extensive vetting processes, existing clients, and team bandwidth. .
  • How do I get started? What comes after this?
    Complete the Google form by the button as shown below. We will review your details before arranging for an appointment. . Should you and your business be partnering with Crestpoint Consulting, we are going through these three stages: Stage 1 -> ​ Crestpoint Consulting will first analyze your organization from its root to understand its core business processes and foundations. We will also review your vision and strategy as well as key performance indicators. ​Stage 2 -> We will develop and design a departmental and organizational strategy using the information gathered in the first stage. ​ Stage 3 -> ​ We will set up the mini milestones and step by step in implementing the strategy with you and your team to achieve 5-9 figures profit and cash flow both in the short and long term.
  • How can I benefit from this service?
    You'll see tailored made strategy implemented to move you from your current situation, to accelerated business growth of 5-9 figure profit and consistent cash flow within 90 days
  • Who is this service for?
    CEOs and Founders who have established products or services in what you are offering, but lack clarity on WHAT to deal with your financial performance and HOW to dominate your industry.
  • We already have an internal finance/operations team.
    While your internal team is invaluable, our expertise complements their efforts. We bring a fresh perspective, specialized knowledge, and the ability to identify areas for improvement that may not be apparent internally. Working with us can enhance your team's capabilities and drive enhanced results.
  • Why should I be listening to you? Who are you?
    Crestpoint Consulting is spearheaded by Jennifer Mea who has helped CEO generate 5-8 figure profit and building $100M in profit in 90 days, without using additional resources. You don't have to listen , but building business on profit and cash flow has been our best fortes for our clients.


Gain Clarity

Transform Your Business into Recession Proof Machine

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