With access to virtually every business tactic or growth strategy, it’s important to implement what will drive consumer behavior and reinforce your company’s value.  
Create a Mobile Focus for Your Users

Everyone is on mobile. We use it for email, communicating business needs, and download a plethora of applications to streamline productivity in our lives. If your business can do this for your consumers while increasing operational efficacy, optimize your website for mobile devices, or engage in application development.

Invest in Social Responsibility

It’s no secret with the incredible growth on social channels, consumers are diverting their attention to businesses that allocate focus to creating socially responsible infrastructure.  It’s become important to consumers for leaders to engage in sustainable corporate practices that are environmentally friendly. It permits for employees to give back to the community through volunteerism programs and philanthropy.

Add Subscription Services

Subscription services aren’t going anywhere. They have been around for almost a decade and continue to thrive in today’s consumer markets.  Consumers love convenience. Whether it is a digital product, an education course, or a razor drop off.  They continue to produce millions for businesses by allowing customers to spend time doing less and enjoying life more.

Develop a remote workforce

Work-life balance has been on the rise in the last decade to make workplaces accessible for people of different backgrounds, schedules, and work styles. It spurs innovation and allows for employees to explore diverse and innovative ways to solve problems that are unique to your business.

Personalization Paired with Automation

Personalizing experiences through your brand creates a buyer’s journey experience that is memorable. This sets most companies apart from competitors.  Look into the buyer’s location, their behaviors in terms of the most accessible marketing channels  and preferred communication.  If your ideal buyer spends more time on Facebook than LinkedIn, focus your campaigns on educational, business-oriented content. If they prefer instagram, look into the most visually appealing marketing campaigns for users on this platform.

Epsilon, Lowe’s Hardware, Forbes and many other leading organizations have implemented many of the aforementioned tactics for growing their customer base successfully. It’s important to look beyond growth strategies and implement standard operating procedures that will drive consumer interaction in 2020 and beyond.

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