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Change management

Change management isn’t constant, it’s intensifying-in frequency and importance. The ability to continue managing change, at speed is now essential to high performance. Don’t know where is your company’s break-even point? When should you stop these expenditures and start preparing for windows of opportunity? How can you gain control of your company’s financial situation and having great family times? In many companies, there is a financial and business acumen gap. This gap exists as a result of rapid growth and the changing needs of the firm to support that growth. CEOs face these challenges to meet the need of the gap. Crestpoint Consulting is here to fill in the gap to improve business for you.


Crestpoint Consulting helps CEOs to unleash the ability at speed for high performance. Get your free Change Management consultation Today!


The change management process has been around for decades. More than 70% of change efforts failed. This is why our initiatives are here for companies to manage change from day one:

  • Focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, organization, operations,  transformation
  • Improve business across all industries and geographies with analytics
  • Bring deep, functional change management expertise in a holistic perspective
  • Capture value across boundaries and between the silos of any organization with the multiplier effect


Leading Change Management with Purpose

Traditional change management as we know it is obsolete. But the change is different today. The value at stake and the opportunity have never been higher. Even the very notion that change can be managed feels absurd given the pace of business today.  Covid-19 is bringing profound changes to the business landscape. The companies skilled at managing change should come out strongest. Those with high changeability, what we called Change Power. They are also more profitable, grow revenue faster. These companies deliver greater shareholder returns than those with lower Change Power. You can build a company that thrives in these times of constant change.  

 The organizational purpose has always mattered, but today, it’s taking on new importance. As change management becomes more pervasive, there is a strong need for a unifying anchor that provides context and focus. Purpose holds change together. It creates a sense of belonging that defines the action. In this turbulent time of Covid-19 and economic distress, knowing an organization’s capacity to make change management is both a strategic and highly practical tool. Companies come to understand their balance of strengths and weaknesses, information that management teams can use to benchmark their company against other companies and look for clues as to how to boost their Change power.


Flexibility to Reconfigure

To support constant change management, an organization must be able to reconfigure itself. Creating a dynamic and reconfigurable organization is a complex undertaking but an organization that is nimble is better able to handle and adapt to change. Our challenge is to build businesses that will thrive in a world of unpredictable and accelerating change. The playbook of the past needs to be updated. Similar actions will yield similar outcomes, so approach your current and the upcoming change in a new and different way. See it as an organizational shift. Build lasting muscle in all the most important factors that will drive success. 

Crestpoint Consulting helps CEOs to unleash the ability at speed for high performance. Get your free Change Management consultation Today!


Changeability is the new power

Most corporate leaders spend the majority of their time in execution mode and not enough time looking out for and planning for the next wave of change. The ability to successfully change – both as the leader and as an organization- is quickly becoming a source of competitive advantage. This requires that companies cultivate an ability to retrain their workforce in new skills on an ongoing basis. But, leaders have been bombarded with daily tasks and communication of employees.  They lament the lack of sufficient time to evaluate the market and adjust their strategy accordingly. Executives readily acknowledge the importance of change management but find it difficult to act on. How can you improve what you cannot measure? Where do you focus? How do you know if you are making progress? 

 Rising waves of unending unforeseen circumstances and events need new change management approaches. These steps help avoid pounding some waves certain to deliver better results for the business. Corporate leaders who thrive in this environment do three things that experienced navigators need to master: 


  • Watching for oncoming waves and get into position 
  • Making sure they have the right setup in place to succeed
Crestpoint Consulting helps CEOs to unleash the ability at speed for high performance. Get your free Change Management consultation Today!



Right Direction for Successful Change


If purpose defines an aspiration, a vision for being, the direction is how you get there. During periods of rapid change, organization needs bold guidance to deliver on its strategy. Change management may feel intimidating and even incapacitating. But it is also a remarkable opportunity as well. The ability to change, at speed and at scale, is now essential to high performance. You are getting closer now. 

If you aren’t sure how to push to the next level, then you need transformational perspectives from outside of the box. Crestpoint Consulting invites you to share your business challenges with our top performing consultants for some quick ideas with an instant ROI. If you’re serious about accelerating business growth, connect with our world-class business thinkers and let’s do something amazing together. Achieve your well-deserved Profit and Success Today. 

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