Mindfulness In Business: Like It Or Lose It

Mindfulness — the practice of focusing on the present — is a growing trend within businesses. Leaders who provide mindfulness resources for their employees often recognize decreased levels of stress and increased productivity among their workforce. you would be surprised how widely mindfulness is practiced among the most innovative minds today. Every journey has a beginning. Crestpoint Consulting wants to embark with you from here because even if your business has been around for decades, adding us to your team will change its future course. Now becomes the first step on your path to success.

First, meet the mastermind who founded Crestpoint Consulting. When she was at university, Jennifer loved the way numbers formed building blocks within a business plan. She discovered a non-negotiable element for success: mindfulness. While her Cambridge Dictionary says mindfulness is “the practice of being aware of your body, mind, and feelings in the present moment, thought to create a feeling of calm,” our leading lady saw something else.

She noticed that mindful living led to success in every area. Mindful eating helped her maintain her physical health without sacrificing enjoyment. Mindful breathing brought calm into the most stressful moments of her life. Mindful thinking brought her life into focus. This gives her the ability to connect with the present moment and live it decisively.

She realized that the world changes constantly. Losing her father within 24 hours seems an eternity. This prompted her to search for the meaning of life. Anything can happen anytime. This is a reminder that all of us are alive and surviving.  The question emerged: What will do with your life?

Jennifer made one pledge: Make a Difference in the lives of those around her. Now, her life is centered on mindfulness, and she passes it along to the powerhouse enterprise executives who hire her for one reason: profitability.

“Our clients are having a hard time navigating the uncertainty. They see us as fixture in their lives. We become close friends they call to share their worries. I have a close relationship with one of my clients in aviation space. I am his go-to for business topics.”

Some would say mindfulness and profitability exist at opposite ends of the stress-free scale. Jennifer disagrees. Being mindful restores the sense of purpose and focus needed to connect a business with its truest goals and its perfect clients. Here at Crestpoint Consulting, our founder captains the ship with great leadership. She is a growth expert who digs her heels in and makes goals become reality. Her passion is to help clients find their passion, and it starts with initiative and a sense of direction.Crestpoint Consulting: Mindfulness has become a staple of business health and profit wellness in large corporations such as Spotify, Google, Goldman Sachs.

The passion to optimize wealth drives her into each moment. And she’ll be there with your business as Crestpoint evaluates your passion and connects it to your integrity. Only you can determine the size of your goals, but Crestpoint knows how to summit each and customize their solutions to your destination.

Once you determine your desired outcome, Crestpoint Consulting helps you gain control of your assets and systemize your financial growth. After all, with a growth expert and engineer at the head of your expedition, there’s no stopping until you get to the top. Like any great engineer, Crestpoint designs methodical, organized, and yet surprisingly creative processes that are efficient and effective. On this journey, your company can see substantial results in as little as six months.

In today’s business world, mindfulness overpromises and under-delivers for a number of reasons, top among them that the training programs based around it are too internally focused and poorly defined. Perhaps worse still, they’re often divorced from most companies’ approach to their customers.

Crestpoint Consulting is the ultimate guide. Once they’ve assessed your ability to climb toward the goal you’ve set, they customize a workflow and control system model that will get you there. Where? To the peak: an increased bottom line. With a strategy tailored to your business that maximizes company profits and optimizes methodologies, your profit margin continues to grow through time. Talk about reaching the crest again and again.

One of Crestpoint’s prestigious clients in telecommunication lost sight of its goals. When Crestpoint came on the scene, the financials were invisible and the development strategies nonexistent. Like the best Sherpa on Everest, Crestpoint cleared the financials and set an understandable trail map for the company’s future. Six months later, sales revenue had increased from one million to four million with strong cashflow. The company became profitable enough to entice acquisition, netting a generous payout for the owner’s retirement. Crestpoint Consulting can guide your company on a trek to the peak of performance and profitability. Their brand—their very name—guarantees it.

About Crestpoint Consulting

Crestpoint Consulting produces immediate business results using our ProActive Profit Thriveprint & highly trained Professional staff to create lasting profits results that elicit long term business potential and continuity for CEOs, stakeholders, and employees We utilize our simulators, putting greens, and hitting bays to customize a solution for each and every client, Achieving more than 5X Return on Investment (ROI).

Everything we do, we believe in Challenging Status Quo. We believe in thinking Differently and Achieving Immediate results By the Easy process in the Shortest Time. Our Mission is Helping Bold CEOs Increase Consistent Profits, Massive Business Opportunities, and Cashflow through Value-Added Financial Leadership and Tailored made Growth Strategy.

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