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The 5 Financial Roadblocks To Hitting 10X Business Growth (And How To Overcome Them)

Do you ever wonder how to get to that 10x business growth mark? No doubt that is every entrepreneur’s dream. Taking your startup or even maturing business to the next level is exciting. Unfortunately, achieving it is not an easy task. There are financial roadblocks that may hinder the process. However, what are they, and how can you overcome them? Please read on to find out the blocks that can shatter your business growth progress and how you can maneuver past them with proper planning.

Misconception on Business Finances

As you may have already realized, money is important in successfully owning a business and ensuring the operations are done. Therefore, it is not a surprise that cash-flow-related issues are one of the roadblocks your business may face. How can this happen?

For instance, if you don’t understand your finances properly, it may affect your business growth. How? There is money coming into your business. On the other hand, you have the avenues through which the money streams out; the expenses. It would help if you took care of them since when not properly looked into, you may not have the finances to operate the business.

So, how do you ensure that the money that streams into your business is in proportion with that you pay out as employees’ salaries, the one you use for purchases, marketing, paying bills, taxes, and so on? To remedy this roadblock that may hinder your business growth, you should hire a financial advisor to help you properly understand your finances. Alternatively, you may install accounting software to get this done. Ensure your cash flow game is on point.

Mismanaging Money

So, what can you do to overcome this hurdle? Ensure you keep track of what your team’s spending is. Please don’t wait for the month to end so you can monitor what they have spent. At this point, it could already be too late to do anything. Therefore, you can organize how you can get real-time data so you have the right information regarding their spending. To achieve this, you can incorporate modern systems and methods into your payment plan.

Lack of Communication

Failure to communicate properly in a business is the beginning of its downfall. There is a lot to communicate on, from the finances, management, and resources to the overall structure of the business. Unfortunately, as your business grows, there seems to be less time for communication, and others may also be set to resist certain financial decisions within the business. The latter may bring in negativity. So, what is the antidote to this?

Have proper and meaningful communication with your team. However, as important as it is, it could get harder as the business grows. The good thing, though, is that you can arrange a schedule for when to have such—plan on holding daily, weekly or monthly communications with the relevant staff, e.g., the finance team. Ensure you are regular at this and discuss the way forward. Therefore, it is important you engage your employees and allow interaction between various teams to steer business growth.

Not Knowing How to Finance the Business Further

When you operate a business, you undoubtedly have to incur costs. Moreover, to get it off the ground, you have to inject some money, whether for the shipping fee, marketing, materials, rent, or advertising. As the business grows, you will still need finances to run the business. At some point, you may be stuck on where to begin from. How do you further finance the business?

Savings is one of the ways of attaining your business growth. You may set aside a certain amount from the business every week or month to further finance the business. Remember, you can decide on the proper amount to allocate for savings and how long you will do this, depending on the ultimate goal. However, always keep in mind that planning is important.

Alternatively, you can consider getting investors to chip in and aid in business growth. This is a perfect way to go if you have a unique idea that will take your business to a higher level, but you only lack the finances. Investors are a great way to get the financial backup you will need if you hit this setback. However, before you pitch an investor, ensure you research and ensure they are genuinely interested in your idea.

Investing in the Wrong Employees

You increase your chances of hitting that 10x business growth target when you hire the right employees. This is because the success of your business largely relies on the quality of employees working in it. With the right employees, there is a high level of productivity and output in the end. Therefore, they are a ticket to getting your return on investments.

On the other hand, when you hire the wrong employees, you must keep following them around to get things done, which is time-consuming. Furthermore, they drain your business’ finances. So, how do you ensure you overcome this setback?

If you are focused on your business growth, hiring the best to help you run and operate your business is best. Don’t be scared to ask the tough questions when hiring, nor should you overlook the references. What’s more, don’t be scared to let go of the employees who are no longer helpful to your business. There is no point in using finances on employees who are only dragging your business down. Take time when hiring, but don’t waste time in firing.


Starting and running a business can be exciting. Unfortunately, as you strive to achieve business growth, it can be quite a hassle. There are probable financial roadblocks you may encounter. These range from mismanagement of money, lack of proper understanding of business finances, and lack of communication to hiring the wrong employees. Thankfully, there are ways of counteracting all these 5 financial roadblocks. You can attain the level of business growth you desire with proper planning.

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