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Unlocking Business Growth with KPI Alchemy

Key Performance Indicators are a measurement tool that helps businesses understand how well they’re doing.

As a business leader, you need to know what kind of results you want to achieve and then set up key performance indicators to measure.

Key Performance Indicators

KPIs can be set on a team basis. Sales' KPI will be completely different from Human Resources' KPIs.

Input KPIs measure assets, time, and resource requirements to complete an action or project. Process KPIs assess the efficiency and productivity of your business.

Some KPIs can predict future performance, such as website traffic. Lagging KPIs describe results that happened in the past.

Structure KPI

It's fairly common for people to make the mistake of combining business metrics in with KPIs when it comes to management or reporting.

As a result, many important business metrics are simply lost in reporting and other areas. It's important that you remind yourself of the differences between the two areas: metrics and KPIs.

Remembering that distinction will help to make sure your most valuable metrics are not overlooked by making sure they do not become "KPI-adjacent."

Your KPI should be connected with a key business objective.

Track KPIs

You'll also have to answer the who, when and why.

Who is accountable for this metric?

Identify the person who is responsible for measuring this metric, so he or she can be the go-to when addressing roadblocks that might impact performance. He/she will also be responsible for monitoring progress.

The business is looking for someone who can lead a team of people to achieve business objectives. The person must be able to communicate effectively and work well with others.

Share KPI with stakeholders You'll also have to answer the who, when and why.

If there's no explanation to go along with what you're measuring, how will employees know how their performance contributes to the success of the organization?

You need BUY IN from employees if you want to work towards an ambitious goal. And this sort of alignment can only be established by communicating specific goals and numerical targets so that everyone knows what's expected of them.

Make sure that once you've gone public with your goals, you are open to feedback from staff - because it can only strengthen the way in which your business plans are developed and ultimately help achieve even better results since they have been tailored specifically to suit everybody's needs.

Review your KPIs on a consistent basis

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During the review process, measure the effectiveness of each KPI in comparison to the goal which it is meant to achieve.

If there are no shifts in progress, it's possible that the objective itself was not accurately presented or that there was an error in measurement - either way, these things need to be addressed as they can lead to miscalculations down the line and ultimately have a negative impact on business performance!

Like most goals, a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) requires that an owner be defined. These are the people who are responsible for pulling and consistently providing the team with updates on their progress over a set period of time.

We advise that CEOs track their KPIs on a regular basis. Monthly is effective in most cases.


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