Telecommunications Consulting Achieves Optimal ROI

Telecommunications companies are at the heart of the digital economy- building the infrastructure and devices that connect people, businesses, and countries. Companies across these industries generate more economic profit than any other sector of the global economy, yet they are not shielded from the disruption that they themselves have built over time. Telecommunications Consulting comes in when telecommunication operators are waging war for connectivity and customer intimacy. As profit pools decline and business boundaries in the broader ecosystem get unclear, this is when Crestpoint Consulting comes in. We serve telecommunication companies around the world, helping them to better understand their customers, find a sustainable path to growth, and achieve cost leadership while maintaining a high-performance organization.


Founded in 2002, our client for this project is one of the leading service providers of trade bank services connections to big banking customers for the telecommunication industry. Based in the United Kingdom, the company serves almost customers from 14 countries and employs a staff of 100.


With more than a decade of business development experience, Patrick understands that a fast, nimble team can be the difference between soaring success and failure. That’s also why he knew his company had a big problem on its hands.

“When I started at this company we had to show our stakeholders we can make profits,” says Patrick, Chief Executive Officer and Head of Business Development. “But from the financials, it indicated we were not in profit-making position and inefficient.”

As Patrick points out, poor sales performance was also sending the wrong impression to stakeholders. “I remember asking for more fundings from my stakeholders and the person I was presenting to actually nodded off,” he says. “When you’re really running a profitable company, you don’t need new fundings. Losses started to amount to $20,000 and more every month it is time to take action”

To overcome these hurdles, Patrick and his team needed a solution that would help them transform business performance with high business ROI. The stakes were high, with time constriction set by stakeholders, sales fell far short and jeopardized the company’s success. Patrick began to search for a management consulting firm with a stellar reputation with a sure win and powerful business strategies that would have an immediate impact on the company.


A data explosion that doesn’t generate revenue growth. Ongoing market consolidation. Value migration. Rapidly changing business models. Technology disruption. It’s all changing the face of the telecommunications industry. Providers who can safely navigate these waters and keep value-based growth at top of mind will emerge winners.

After investigating several solutions, Patrick selected a tailored made solution from Crestpoint Consulting. We help these telecommunication leaders build internal capabilities and transform the ways in which they work to improve their business in substantial and sustainable ways. How? By purposefully overhauling the operating models and focusing on growth beyond the core. Crestpoint Consulting helps operators achieve higher average revenue per user, improve customer engagement and asset management, reduce cost, and realize new revenue streams across B2B and B2C segments.


Growth Strategy is the core of everything we do. We act as trusted telecommunication consulting advisers and supporting telecommunications companies in making strategic decisions. We help our clients determine where to play in the future ecosystem and how to benefit from new opportunities and increase revenue pool.
Patrick has increased sales, gross profit, and 50% net profit due to 30% of the time has been freed up for more growth opportunities. The company has gained a foothold in the niche industry and achieve an excellent brand reputation with increasing customers. The technical team has more time to build credibility with customers.

Crestpoint Consulting helps telecommunications leaders create long-term value through capability-building and organization transformations.


Crestpoint Consulting leads cross-functional efforts to alter the business’s financial, operational, and strategic directions to produce game-changing results. Correct decision making has been achieved the volume of sales generated on unexploited geographical areas reaching a Return On Investment more than 20 times, which means that for each 1 dollar invested the client got a return more than 20 times higher.
Organizational effectiveness

Patrick can now prioritize capital expenditures that improve their strategic position and enable market share growth. The entire organization is aligned with agreed Key Performance Indicators. Work internal processes are targeted for efficiency and effectiveness so that his company can better serve his customers. Profits are enhanced with massive cost savings.

Building a relationship with those customers is of paramount importance. Crestpoint Consulting hasn’t just helped Patrick to build a successful business but created the life he wants and family with growing children. Subsequently, the company did so well that his competitor came knocking to request for acquisition. Patrick has a grand sum for the company which he has built over time.

Telecommunications Industry Update

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen the telecommunications industry respond exceptionally well by maintaining essential communications to those that need it mist and supporting vulnerable customers. And now as economies reopen and the world returns to a new normality. Major economic contraction is inevitable but how long it will last remains open to question. But there are likely to be severe constraints on consumer and enterprise spending as recessionary impacts bite.

Changing Trends

Changes in consumer behavior and new ways of working post-Covid-19 also present opportunities to address cost pressures. Customer care migrates from physical stores to automated digital channels. Remote working has been on the rise and this creates opportunities to lower their own office cost and introduce new solutions that help business customers support remote workers.

Need for Speed

Speed to action is critical as it is the ability to pivot. Proactive, data-driven crisis response can shape stakeholder attitudes far into the future. As telecommunication companies move forward, they need to be aware and understand their cost drivers in detail than ever in order to support the strategic choices they must make to compete and thrive in a new environment. End to end cost optimization for achieving competitive agility is essential. Look out to our insights and recommendations to deal with greater urgency to move the road map to success in the post-Covid 19 markets.