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Founded in 2002, our client for this project is one of the leading service providers of trade bank services connections to big banking customers for the telecommunication industry. Based on the United Kingdom, the company serves almost customers from 14 countries and employs a staff of 100.


With more than a decade of business development experience, Patrick understands that a fast, nimble team can be the difference between soaring success and failure. That’s also why he knew his company had a big problem on its hands.

“When I started at this company we had to show our stakeholders we can make profits,” says Patrick, Chief Executive Officer and Head of Business Development. “But from the financials, it indicated we were not in profit-making position and inefficient.”

As Patrick points out, poor sales performance was also sending the wrong impression to stakeholders. “I remember asking for more fundings from my stakeholders and the person I was presenting to actually nodded off,” he says. “When you’re really running a profitable company, you don’t need new fundings. Losses started to amount to $20,000 and more every month it is time to take action”

To overcome these hurdles, Patrick and his team needed a solution that would help them transform business performance with high business ROI. The stakes were high, with time constriction set by stakeholders, sales fell far short and jeopardized the company’s success. Patrick began to search for a management consulting firm with a stellar reputation with a sure win and powerful business strategies that would have an immediate impact at the company.


After investigating several solutions, Patrick selected ProActive Profit Thriveprint, a customized solution from Crestpoint Consulting.


Crestpoint Consulting was able to increase sales, gross profit, and 50% net profit due to 30% of the time has been freed up for more growth opportunities. The company has gained a foothold in the niche industry and achieve an excellent brand reputation with increasing customers. The technical team has more time to build credibility with customers.

Crestpoint Consulting has set sure-win strategies to success. Learn from our case studies on how UK Telco company achieve 20x business ROI

Correct decision making has been achieved the volume of sales generated on unexploited geographical areas reaching a ROI more than 20X, which means that for each 1 dollar invested the client got a return more than 20 times higher.

Work internal processes are targeted. Profits are enhanced with massive cost savings.

Building a relationship with those customers is of paramount importance. Crestpoint Consulting hasn’t just helped Patrick to build a successful business but created the life he wants and family with growing children.


About Crestpoint Consulting

Crestpoint Consulting produces immediate business results using our ProActive Profit Thriveprint & highly trained Professional staff to create lasting profits results that elicit long term business potential and continuity for CEOs, stakeholders and employees We utilize our simulators, putting greens, and hitting bays to customize a solution for each and every client, Achieving more than 5X Return on Investment (ROI).

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