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From strategy to execution Crestpoint Consulting has transformed a multitude of diverse organizations around the world into financial powerhouses. Exponential growth is inevitable when empowered with the right solutions and tools.

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Why We are Here

Our founder of our business consultancy firm, Jennifer Mea C was born to a police constable and homemaker.  She thought that she would just need to live a simple and peaceful life like what her parents did till the sole breadwinner lost his job. Jennifer’s world has taken for a dramatic change. She needed to take up work during her university days to support the family. She has a flair for numbers and strategic planning. She has worked her way up, thinking that her family would get more comfortable. The burden landed on her when her father had to leave the world within 5 days before succumbing to a fatal cancerous disease.  Taking bitterness and sadness into strength, Jennifer decides that she wants to change the life she had been living in. 

Determined to change her world and life, she focused on her passion and expertise for they bring her joy and a sense of achievement. All companies are very special in their own ways. She can foresee the possible route which the organizations are heading to after internalizing details and the current situations they are in. Jennifer wants to share her gifts and talents as every CEOs has the right to live the life they want and lead successful companies. She believes that every company should have the right to profit from their businesses where they have been spending their hard work. In 1999, Crestpoint Consulting was founded by Jennifer with a Zest Zen spirit and foundational goal. She loves to hear every unique story relating to every company so that she can help them to achieve their optimal business potentials to success. There is always an optimal solution to every problem. 

Crestpoint Consulting guarantees High profit and business value to CEOs for resilience, potential and growth. We are a global business consultancy that helps the world’s most ambitious change makers define the future.


“Business profit strategies should be the main core of all companies, equipping all organizations to realize the unlimited potential.” ~Jennifer Mea C

She remembered the first case where she has got to know of her special gift. That was when she told her father’s long-time friend his company had to head somewhere to expand as his company’s financials were good but going nowhere. Not long later, a competitor knocked at his door to buy over his business.  He came back to Jennifer again for more clarity. She worked out a few scenarios on how he can work on this depending on his personal goals.  Soon his business has expanded geographically and he is happy that his services can help other people. Soon, many companies came to her to scale their operations, resolving business issues in order to increase business performance financially. Everyone working with Jennifer moved forward with more confidence and clarity. They can be focused on building their areas of expertise leaving the financial and business strategy tasks to her. 

In today’s ever-changing global landscape, your enterprise may risk being swept into a powerful vortex that devours any firm every day. You need a strategic business consultancy partner to offer a PROVEN methodology to achieve optimized financial growth performance. 


Why Crestpoint Consulting

Jennifer found inspiration in Buddhist principles to center and guide the solution she wants to build.  She wants to bring ease, focus, and flow to a world. Mindfulness is achievable when you are at the peak of the mountain with an overview to have the big picture before you react. Crestpoint refers to being at the top point of all situations from a birds’ eye view with holistic interventions in performance. 


Why build Crestpoint Consulting? Because achieving business growth potential and success should be easily accessible to all companies. 

In today’s business world, mindfulness overpromises and under-delivers for many reasons. Perhaps worse still, they’re often divorced from most companies’ approach to their customers. Crestpoint Consulting stands for Commitment and the ultimate crisis navigator. Once we have assessed your ability to climb toward the goal you’ve set, they customize a workflow and control system model that will get you there. Where? To the peak: an increased bottom line with the tailored-made strategies. Talk about reaching the crest again and again. Only you can determine the size of your goals, but Crestpoint knows how to summit each and customize their solutions to your destination. Crestpoint Consulting helps you gain control of your assets and systemize your financial growth. After all, with a growth expert and engineer at the head of your expedition, there’s no stopping until you get to the top. Like any great engineer, Crestpoint designs methodical, organized, and yet surprisingly creative processes that are efficient and effective. On this journey, your company can see substantial results in as little as six months like our clients from the various industries.


Crestpoint Consulting guarantees High profit and business value to CEOs for resilience, potential and growth. We are a global business consultancy that helps the world’s most ambitious change makers define the future.

Our TRANSformation Process

We implement a system that dials your organizational metabolism: by sharpening and accelerating your strategy. Our business consultancy firm knows how to ask the right questions, set the right benchmarks, and execute decisions in a disruptive environment. Take the fastest route to maximum profitability with the working partner that guarantees success across diverse industries. It’s imperative to fully engaged throughout the entire process from discovery to Optimal results delivery. During the discovery process, we assess your organization’s risk, opportunity and company profile to effectively maximize your return. We help clients the odds by predicting and measuring and managing risks from day one: 


  • Get to know what you’ve done and where you want to go for an abundant future
  • Fully invest in you to implement scalable processes
  • Immediate and lasting business performance with speed, scale and certainty


We build community with you and your team to plan the best execution strategies to move you towards financial abundance. Delivery involves a multitude of activities not limited to the following:


  • Developing proactive risk mitigation plan against failure
  • Designing and implementing processes, policies and services for year on year growth
  • Analyzing data to identify gaps to prevent challenges

Our process starts with a focused assessment to unravel the factors behind sub-optimal dynamics and we align processes that unlock powerful, cost-effective synergies with competitive advantage. If you need help to get your company back in shape, explore our business consultancy solutions HERE


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We champion the bold to achieve the extraordinary. We is in compliance with the Information Commission Office and you can be assured your company information is held in strict confidence and rest easy with strategies used are safe with us.