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The Mindful CEO: Fortune 500's Secret Weapon

In the midst of a tumultuous storm, she discovered an oasis of calm through the practice of mindful breathing. Little did she know that this transformative moment would become the catalyst for her extraordinary ascent as a visionary CEO.

Through deliberate and conscious reasoning, she harnessed the essence of her existence, illuminating a path to clarity and purpose. With an unwavering connection to the present moment, she seized opportunities with unwavering resolve.

Meet Jennifer, CEO behind Crestpoint Consulting who defied the expectations imposed upon her by a traditional upbringing. Born into a family where the 9 to 5 grind and unwavering loyalty to a single company were the accepted norms, Jennifer yearned for something more.

However, the relentless bombardment of a fixed mindset left her feeling trapped. The voices echoed in her mind, reinforcing the belief that a woman's role was confined to marriage and homemaking. Pursuing personal goals seemed frivolous in the eyes of society.

Discover how one woman's unwavering commitment to living in the now ignited a revolution, empowering CEOs and founders to forge their own path and unlock the untapped potential within.

Perseverance in the Face of Adversity

Despite the pressure from her parents, Jennifer persisted in growing her own business to pursue her passion and obtaining her Masters at the same time. She got a three-month temporary job out of desperation for money on the necessities.

She discovered that she had been secretly fired when she had to take care of her sick children. At the same time, her father left due to cancer within one week. That seems an endless time. Jennifer is now the main pillar to her young kids and her mother who was almost near insanity. She had been taking her mother to the psychiatrist and the bills were hefty. Jennifer was saddened by the strong challenges of life and wanted to give up. While on the way to pick her kids, someone on the street passed her a bookmark.

The Mindful CEO Revolution: Why 75% of Fortune 500 Companies Are Adopting This Practice

This is a sign. It triggered her to look for the definition of life. Anything can happen anytime. It is a reminder that all of us live and also enduring. Jennifer picked herself from the mess and never looked back again. Her family is now living happily- her mother is taking care of her kids who are now in their teens.

Currently, she is focusing on mindfulness, and she passes it along to the powerhouse business executives that hire her for one reason: SUCCESS.

In today's service globe, mindfulness over promises and under-delivers for several reasons; the top among them is that the training programs based around it are too concentrated and inadequately defined.

Even worse, they frequently disconnect from many businesses' customer-facing strategies.


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